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PT Solusi Express Logistics was established in 2005 to provide comprehensive logistic services through distinguished service methods. We exist to be a logistic solution for our customers. Supported by information system we established, professional staffs, excellent teamwork, and great experience, we are committed to provide total services and to be a solution for every logistic issue of our customers. We are ready to serve as your partner and solution.

Becoming An International-Standard Logistics Company by Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction and Interest through Services Supported by System Information Technology.

1. Establishing proper information system facilities to support logistic services
2. Establishing teamwork to provide the best service
3. Establishing professionalism to provide distinguished services
4. Establishing proper communication with teams and customers
5. Establishing internal loyalty to company and long-term relationships to customers

Solusi Express Logistics is a solution for your logistic issues. We will always provide distinguished services and exist to provide total services to our clients. With 4 service product lines namely SE Warehouse, SE Customs, SE Project and SE Freight Forwarding, we are ready to address logistic needs. Whether you are developing or developed companies, we are ready to assist you in optimizing time and cost. We are also ready to assist international world by utilizing knowledge and experience. Supported by professional manpower, you can develop and advance with us. It is an honor for us to exist and serve you.

Core Values

Providing quick solutions, acting as if customers’ issues were our issues so we will always do our best to solve the issues quickly.

Being responsible for works and giving more than expected for the sake of service to customers.

Always developing and ready to learn more and having wide horizon and ideas to solve issues for customers.

Appreciating each other, works and customers are valuable things. Dare to not underestimate each other and not underestimate works.

Being honest and committed to run corporate vision and mission to prioritize customers’ interests.

Able to provide optimal services to companies and upholding loyalty and providing total solutions to customers by providing all of the best potentials.